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Meat Consumption DOES NOT Cause Heart Attacks, But this Absolutely Loaded Paleo Package Just Might! Read the Page Below to Learn How You Can Get Lifetime Access to the Paleo Summit Recordings, Videos, Transcripts, and Bonuses at a Price that will Likely Shock You!

Iʼve been to quite a few health conferences in my day.

When youʼre in my line of work, itʼs not out of the ordinary to find yourself living out of a suitcase for a weekend as you learn the latest and greatest in nutrition and health research.

Iʼll be honest, some of these events can be absolutely mind-blowing, while others are real snoozers — cures for insomnia, in fact!

Sometimes I wish the conference organizers could just video stream everything live over the Internet. That would save me a fortune on travel and dining expenses.

I can learn just fine from my living room.

And even though it can cost several hundred dollars to attend these conferences, itʼs usually “illegal” to record the presentations — sometimes organizers even make you sign waivers promising that you wonʼt use the voice recorder app on your smartphone.

All these rules!!!

Then thereʼs those frustrating instances when your two favorite presenters are on-stage at the same time…but in different rooms.


But definitely not more annoying than the fact that the notes you just took typically make no sense by the time you get home. Makes me wish I would have just broken the law and recorded the darn things. But my mama raised me better than that.

When I came up with the idea to put together the Paleo Summit, I had three goals in mind.

Goal #1: To bring together the best of the best speakers, researchers, and educators in the health world.


Goal #2: To serve thousands of health seekers by making all 23 summit presentations available for FREE viewing/listening throughout this one-of-a-kind 8-day Paleo extravaganza.


Goal #3: To ensure that those who attended the summit — as well as those who missed it — had LIFETIME ACCESS to the event. That way you can literally take the entire conference home with you and become a health expert from the comfort of your own living room — or gym, or office, or morning commute, or anywhere you can use a computer, iPod, or smart phone!


No travel arrangements.

No stressing out over whether or not you can find healthy food near your hotel.

No silly rules!!!

Upgrade and bring the Paleo Summit home with you!

The Paleo Summit Upgrade Package is 8 days (over 18 hours!) of presentations from doctors, researchers, and diet experts that will give you the scientific and practical information you need to make the best decisions about your diet and lifestyle.

Youʼll be able to download and listen to these presentations — over and over again! — on your mp3 player, watch them — over and over again! — on your computer or smartphone, or read the 300-plus pages of transcripts — over and over again! — at your own leisure.

I had the pleasure of facilitating all 23 presentations. And in my humble opinion, this package will answer just about all of your questions about the Paleo diet and lifestyle.

Questions like…

Your Paleo Summit Take-Home Package will include…

FREE Bonus #1: The Last 4 Doctors Youʼll Ever Need

Multimedia ebook by Paul Chek

$24.95 Value!

The Last 4 Doctors Youʼll Ever Need is a down-to-earth, pull-no-punches exploration of your current physical and emotional state. This extraordinary 2nd Edition multimedia ebook teaches you how to diagnose the real causes behind your health and wellness challenges, empowering you to forever heal yourself.

FREE Bonus #2: The Underground Cookbook

by The Undergrounders

$19.95 Value!

The Underground Cookbook includes over 80 Real Food recipes submitted by Underground Wellness readers, viewers, and listeners from around the world. Not only is the cookbook loaded with simple and delicious recipes, but there are also over 40 videos showing you exactly how to prepare the meals!

FREE Bonus #3: Practical Paleo Guide Book

by Diane Sanfillipo

$34 Value!

Unsure about how to get started with your Paleo Diet? The Practical Paleo Guide Book by Diane Sanfillipo will make life much easier as you make the transition. Jam-packed with helpful guides, meal planning tools, and recipes, this is a great place to get started!

FREE Bonus #4: Heart Attack-Proof without Pills!

Exclusive 2-part video by Dr. Cate Shanahan


In this 2-part video series Dr. Cate Shanahan — a family practice medical doctor — dishes the truth about cholesterol- lowering drugs. Topics include common side effects like muscle pain, immune system abnormalities, nervous system disorders, and the FACT that these drugs can increase your risk of diabetes — especially women. And diabetes increases the risk of heart disease! These videos are a real life saver!

Thatʼs a total value of $469.90 that I am going to offer to you at a SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME PRICE of Just $49!

Only $49 – You Save $469.90!


Whatʼs the catch, you ask? Well, there isn’t one! I just like to keep things as affordable as I can.




But wait, Iʼm not done…
A couple of our Paleo Summit presenters sweetened up the pot with some incredible deals!

Bonus Deal #1: Coupon Code for Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seibʼs EP Life Fit Membership Program.

Sarah and Jason have put together a phenomenal membership site that includes programmed workouts, movement coaching and nutrition videos, seminars, a forum, a forum to have your questions answered, and online coaching. Get your first month for only five bucks! Thatʼs 75% off!

Bonus Deal #2: Coupon Code for 20% Off Keith Norrisʼs Physical Culture Immersion Package

Ready to dive head-first into the Paleo lifestyle? Spend a few days with Paleo Summit presenter Keith Norris in Austin, TX, where you will experience a pair of workouts, 2 hands-on cooking classes with Michelle Norris of Caveman Cuisine, a real food shopping experience, and much more!

Hereʼs the rundown of the fascinating video and audio presentations you will receive when you order the Paleo Summit Upgrade Package…

Mark Sisson – Author, The Primal BlueprintAncestral Living DefinedMark Sisson kicks off The Paleo Summit by clearly defining paleo/primal living. Are grains safe to eat? Is dairy Paleo? Did your ancestors cut the saturated fat? Mark gives us the scoop.
Diane Sanfilippo – Author, Practical PaleoPractical Paleo ImplementationNow that you know what to eat, the next step is putting it into practice. Diane explains what to expect from the Paleo Diet, how to overcome common obstacles, and the most effective ways to deal with the doubters.
Dr. Jack Kruse MD – NeurosurgeonLeptin Circadian CyclesDr. Kruse uncovers how leptin resistance lies at the root of inflammation, obesity, and chronic disease. He also shares how he lost 133 pounds in a single year by correcting the “biological mismatches” that were once prevalent in his life.
Sarah Fragoso – Author, Everyday PaleoPaleo, Kids, and the FamilyTransitioning a family to a paleolithic diet can be challenging. Author, wife, and mother of three, Sarah Fragoso rolls out a practical, realistic strategy for having a Paleo family.
Erwan Le Corre – Founder, MovNatMovNat: Moving NaturallyOur ancestors never set foot in a health club. Instead, they stayed lean and physical fit by moving instinctually — walking, running, crawling, jumping, climbing, and more. Erwan presents how to regain your instincts for meaningful movement by moving naturally.
Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. – Author, Perfect Health DietThe Evolutionary Evidence for the Optimal Human DietSo, where’s the proof? Paul Jaminet serves up five lines of evidence supporting the perfect macronutrient ratios — carbohydrates, protein, and fats. He also shares the logic and rationale behind his controversial concept of safe starches.
Dr. Thomas O’Bryan – Gluten Sensitivity ExpertThe Musculoskeletal Connection to Autoimmunity DiseaseThe most basic Paleo Diet recommendation is the removal of gluten. But did you know that gluten sensitivity goes well beyond the digestive tract? Dr. O’Bryan reveals the latest research on how gluten consumption may lead to autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, and muscle pain without digestive symptoms.
Matt Stone – Independent Health ResearcherMatt Stone Debunks The Paleo DietIs the Paleo diet a short-term fix? Are there any long-term side effects stemming from this way of eating? Matt Stone thinks so. Find out why Matt believes that claims regarding carb-induced insulin resistance are no more than a “scientific fairy tale”. And learn how Matt has been able to help people recover their health on a diet high in starches — sometimes with grains and refined sugars!
Nora Gedgaudas – Author, Primal Body-Primal MindSafe Starches: To Eat or Not to Eat?Safe starches have received their fair share of attention — and no shortage of controversy — in the Paleo blogosphere as of late. The Primal Body-Primal Mind outlines point-by-point why she believes the concept of safe starches is flawed.
Mat Lalonde, Ph.D. – Research Biochemist, Harvard UniversityInvalid Inferences: An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on PaleoAre common Paleo claims as scientifically valid as we think they are? What does the research really say about antinutrients? Harvard biochemist Mat Lalonde expounds the importance of keeping the Paleo movement credible by ensuring that claims surrounding the diet are scientifically sound.
Amy Kubal, RD – Registered and Licensed DietitianPaleo for Endurance AthletesCan endurance athletes perform optimally while on a paleo diet? Amy Kubal — who placed first in a marathon while eating Paleo — shares the pre-, post-, and during-event paleo nutrition tips she recommends to her clients.
Denise Minger – Author, Death by Food PyramidHow to Win an Argument with a VegetarianThe Paleo Diet has its fair share of detractors, objecting to the consumption of animal foods while promoting the virtues of being vegan or vegetarian. But are vegans and vegetarians immune to cancer and heart disease? Does meat consumption cause bone loss?
Chris Kresser – Integrative Medicine PractitionerAn Update on CholesterolThe cholesterol hypothesis has its staunch proponents as well as its skeptics. So who’s right? Chris presents the latest research demonstrating why elevated cholesterol scores should not be dismissed by the skeptics. He also explains why a high cholesterol score is not always cause for a prescription.
Reed Davis – Founder, Functional Diagnostic NutritionStress, Hormones, and Paleolithic ManHow did the stressors of Paleolithic living compare to those of modern man and woman? Hormones expert Reed Davis outlines how to combat the systemic dysfunctions induced by the chronic stress, environmental toxicity, and hidden infections caused by modern living.
Paul Chek – Founder, C.H.E.K. InstituteLiving Primal: Instinct Before IntellectWith so much research and history supporting Paleo principles, why do people have such a hard time living them? Paul explains how the social conditioning built into the educational system has suppressed our abilities to think for ourselves. He also details the six foundational principles of abundant health — nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, thinking, and movement.
Dallas & Melissa Hartwig – Health Educators, Whole9 LifePaleo for VegetariansCan vegetarians be Paleo? Good question! The Hartwigs share how the Paleo Diet is not all about eating meat, and how vegans/vegetarians can take advantage of the science supporting Paleo to improve their health.
Dr. Allison Siebecker – Naturopathic DoctorPaleo Digestive TroubleshootingThe Paleo Diet removes common gut-irritating foods like grains, dairy, and legumes from your plate. But what should you do if your digestive symptoms persist? Dr. Siebecker — an expert on IBS and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth — shows you how to tweak your diet to suit your personal digestive needs.
Dr. Catherine Shanahan MD – Author, Deep NutritionThe Paleo Diet vs. Top-Selling Drugs — Who Wins?Dr. Cate compares the Paleo Diet to taking prescription drugs for treating three common medical conditions — osteoporosis, heart disease, and behavioral problems. The winner may surprise you.
Keith Norris – Trainer, Efficient ExerciseHealth versus PerformanceCan you be fit and unhealthy? Muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance are not always signs of health. Keith Norris explains why achieving peak performance should not be at the expense of optimal health.
Dr. Daniel Chong – Naturopathic DoctorEarthing as an Essential NutrientPaleolithic man walked barefoot and slept on the ground. However, in our modern insulated world, we seldom come in contact with the Earth’s surface. Does connecting to the Earth have a healing effect on the body? Dr. Chong explains the known and proven benefits of Earthing.
Jimmy Moore – Podcaster, The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb ShowHow To Break Out Of The Grips Of Morbid Obesity And Embrace Healthy Living For LifeMorbid obesity doesn’t have to be a death sentence once you become armed with the real food nutritional lifestyle principles and fitness facts that are essential for optimal health. Be inspired and learn what it takes to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to attain the health you’ve always wanted.
Stephanie Greunke, RD – Registered DietitianDitch the D Word!Does the word “diet” impose certain limitations on the Paleo Diet and those who follow it? Stephanie — a registered dietitian — shares her thoughts on how Paleo can escape the ill fate of fad diets.
Dean Dwyer – Blogger, Beyond PrimalThe Inner Game of PaleoOur experts can give you all of the nuts and bolts, but it’s really up to you to DO it. Dean goes beyond diet and exercise and reveals the 6 inner game components that helped him reverse 25 years of failure and finally make shi(f)t happen.

Receive audio files, video slide shows, and transcripts for all 23 presentations (plus bonuses) for only $49!

Only $49!

Our 100%, No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


This is an absolute steal!



Ask anyone you know in the health field how much it would cost them to attend an event with this caliber of experts. Iʼm sure the number would be in the thousands.

Then ask them how often it is that they have the chance to take home this much information for only $49. That answer would surely be NEVER.

If you know anything about me, you know that I only put out the highest quality content. I fear the day when a low-quality product is ever associated with my name and the Underground Wellness brand. And with that being said, I know that this Paleo Summit package will help you achieve superior health and also give you the solid information you need to help others.

And, again, if you think this summit is a real snoozer I will gladly refund your payment.

Never stop learning, my friends!

Q: Is the Upgrade Package hard copy or digital?
Each presentation comes in electronic format. Upon completion of purchase, you will be directed to our download page.

Q: In exactly what format are the electronic files?
The summit audio files are in mp3 format and are playable on your computer, mp3 player (iPod, for example), and smart phone. Video files are in m4v format, the same format as YouTube videos. These files are playable on your computer, iTunes, and smart phone. Transcripts and bonus e-books are in PDF format.

Q: How do I access the material on my iPad?
Download the files onto your computer, import them into iTunes, then export them onto your iPad as you would any other audio or video file. Unfortunately, the files cannot be downloaded directly onto the iPad.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?
We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your Summit Upgrade Package for ANY reason, please send us an email at [assistant @ undergroundwellness dot com]. We will immediately refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Q: I am an international customer (Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, etc.) and my credit card is being declined.
Our system is having trouble with international orders. Please choose the Paypal option on the order form. We apologize for the inconvenience.